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11 November 2011 @ 03:34 pm

So my website is ready to roll out in its new streamlined look, my novel is 15000 words from being transcribed completely from handwritten to digital, editing a sinch, and distribution waiting at my beckon call, i am good for my promise to have "Rubberband Lazer" out in Nov.  Now it may take me until Dec to have a phsyical copy available on amazon.com and lulu.com 


So exciting!  Stay tuned.

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17 October 2011 @ 09:45 am

Interesting story when I went to Charley's Grilled Subs here in West Des Moines, IA...

My wife and I went to purchase a snack, just a order of fries and a drink to tide us over until an early dinner with family.  The sign read, "Add a Fry Combo for $$" which indicated that it was a fry and a drink.  We were elated because that is exactly what we wanted.  So I asked the cashier for a fry combo.  She rung us up as just the fries.  I repeated to her that it was the fry combo which came with a drink.  She told us that to get the fry combo you must purchase a sandwich.  I turned to my wife and said, "Whoever came up with these signs was an idiot."  She agreed, as with a combo it implies a grouped set of items for a price.  The name of the combo, in these cases, indicates the main entre.  Their verbage was, "add a fry combo" which translates to, "add a fry combo to your order" not, "add a fry combo to your order of a sandwich +".  The cashier, a miss Olga L. didn't say anything.  She asked for my name for the order and I said, "Nathan".  She then finished the transaction, we got our food (after having to pay more because what we ordered wasn't a combo and didn't get a price discount) and went to sit down.  One of my friends pointed out that my customer name on the receipt read, "Naive" instead of "Nathan".  Me thinks Olga L. was being clever and getting the last laugh.  I complained to the District Manager via Gmail.com and haven't heard a word back yet.  I'm sure she is looking into it. 

Please weigh in, what's your thoughts on this? 

26 September 2011 @ 05:53 pm

Just started a D&D 3.5 Ravenloft campaign and the pickings look good.  Looking at my player line up, I have a moon elf wizard, a 1/2 orc fighter, a wild elf ranger, a 1/2 vistani rogue and an elf druid from pathfinder.  I havn't decided yet if I was going to create a helper character or if I would let them go about the world on their own.  Everyone is starting at level 3 and starting gold was dropped from 2700 to 900.  No magical items can be purchased or brought in.  The reason I did this was to encourage the party to get creative and be strategic with their purchases all the while minding weight limits.


I'm keeping everything low magic as much as possible.  The whole concept of buying and selling magical items at some wizardry bizarre or the local shop has always left a sour taste in my mouth.  "Of course we have scimitars of speed +5!  They are in the back.  Let me go get them." 


I'm also trying to keep track of weekly expenses.  I've always wondered why party members can amass so much gold and the reason that I've come up with is that I'm not taxing them, making them pay for tolls, exchange fees, food & lodging fees, stabling charges, or infingement of the law fines.  One great thing about Ravenloft is that one town discriminates just as much as the next town and everyone is looking to overcharge a stranger and then rush them on their way.  "Wait a minute, blacksmith.  The other blacksmith just one town over was willing to sell me the longsword for 20 gold.  Why are you charging me 30?" 


The domain I picked for their first mingling with the land of mist is Sithicus.  I piced it due to the majority of elves in the party.  Let's see how they manage, let alone, meet one another. 

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16 September 2011 @ 04:37 pm

I've been 2 years out of the game, that is, I havn't been able to play table top roleplaying games for like ever!  So I have devided to put a group together, very few of which know my trickiness.  I have my own game put together but I've been wanting to make use of the tons of Ravenloft books that i have collected over the years.  It's time to bring my new friends into the land of the mist and I fully intend to chill my players to the core.  First stop, rulebooks.


On a side note, if anyone knows where I can purchase a Ravenloft Tarokka deck produced by Sword & Sorcery please let me know.

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13 September 2011 @ 05:54 pm

So the giveaway is now over and many of you have taken your bounty and slipped off into the night.  I haven't heard much back from those lucky individuals but it is a bit too soon to have some finish it already. 

I am now in the process of transfering my handwritten version of my space western comedy, "Rubberband Lazer" to text.  I am roughly 7000 words typed out of 60,000.  This may take me awhile.  As soon as I am done with it, all that is left is to edit and wait for the cover to be finished.  My current problem is figuring out what to price it at.  Should I list it at 1.99 or .99 cents?  99 cents makes my stomach churn but it yeilds a fancy readership from what i've been told.  Who is to say at this point.

In the meantime, I'm getting very nostalgic for tabletop roleplaying.  I need to get a game together, and soon...

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01 September 2011 @ 09:39 am

1000 FREE E-Book Giveaway!

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 Download instructions:  E-junkie will require you to input your name and e-mail address.  Why name and e-mail address?  It's so that you can get an e-mail confirmation of your download link.  You will be redirected to a web browser that'll have a hyperlink and you can download there as well.  Please sign up for my newsletter so that you can be kept up to date on new awesome promotions and free stuff as they come out.  I don't send these out very often.     
Sept. 1sh - Sept. 10th 2011 - To help celebrate my birthday on Sept. 5th, I will be releasing 100 free copies of "Secrets of the CitySpire, Book 1 - A Familiar Love Song" for 10 days between Sept. 1st and Sept. 10th.  That is a total of 1000 copies at a valued price of appox. $6000 dollars in FREE giveaway.  Just click on the "add to cart" button at the top and away you go! 

Thank you all so very much for making my birthday special!  Don't forget to let me know what you think!  I love hearing back from you.   

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Guess what?! There's still more books on the way.  I'm striving to produce 4 additional titles by December of this year.  Keep checking back.  You never know when something new and exciting comes up.

31 August 2011 @ 11:36 am
Good news everyone!  1 more day until nathanreesemaher.com gives away 1000 free e-books of my new novel, "Secrets of the CitySpire, Book 1 - A Familiar Love Song".  K3books.com states that it's their, "Favorite book of the year" and find it to be a "true work of art".  

The book will (hopefully) be available sometime tomorrow in a *.zip format that includes several e-book formats such as: *.epub, *.mobi, *.pdf, *.lit, *.lrf, *.f2b.  It also includes the front cover art to my book so you can install that on any of your favorite hand-held devices or even use it as a background (wouldn't that be awesome!).  

I'm giving these away to help build a reader base, as well as celebrate my birthday coming up on September 5th.  Please subscribe to my newsletter.  I promise I won't spam you to death.  I'll only use this supreme power... er... marketing tool to let you know of upcoming book offers and promotions.  Gotta love cheap and awesome stuff!

I'll see you all on the 1st of September!  It's 100 free copies a day for 10 days.  We'll see what happens.
31 August 2011 @ 11:27 am
So, remember how I posted that activation.com or whatever 3rd party service e-junkie uses cost too much for a service?  Well... technically paypal is more expensive but no more than 3 dollars extra a month.  Although, personally I would feel more comfortable going with them.  I did, however, realize that e-junkie requires you to use their own shopping cart buttons whenever giving away things at 0 price or if you ever wish to set a variable price on something as well.  

I'm under the belief that paypal will allow for people to "DONATE" to you if you use their buttons off their website, but I haven't really reviewed or attempted to do this yet.  Only situation that I would be looking at in the future is for my upcoming RPG "Sticks & Stones".  That will always be available for free, but donations are always a plus.  Depending on how sales go in the future, I will still need to subscribe to one service or another to allow credit card transactions.  $20.00 a month for that is a bit steep at the moment.  Maybe, once the sales get better right?
30 August 2011 @ 05:50 pm

So after reviewing all my options for third party hosting, i've deceided to go with e-junkie due to them boasting my customers/readers do not need to leave my site for purchases.  Here is a bit about what I experienced:

It's great so far due to the ability for easy upload for digital purchases and the coding for the buy now buttons are at my finger tips.  Within moments I was already plastering my website with buttons.  I'm sure at this rate I'll be ready for sept 1st's giveaway.

One major downer was using e-junkie's special brew of shopping cart as opposed to using paypal's.  E-junkie's affiliate requires up front registration fees for credit card processing and a nice 18 a month for the service.  No thanks.  Paypal buisness account can be setup to process credit card payments at a fraction of the cost.  I'm sticking with paypal on this one.

Still have a bit to go on setting things up, but come sept 1st I should not only have the giveaway up and running but also have it to where people can purchase digital copies afterwards. 

Here's to e-junkie for giving me options!

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07 July 2011 @ 10:25 am
 So recently a friend from twitter had an encounter with a woman best described as self-righteous and I began to wonder to myself what is the best way of handling those types of situations?  Well, I don't think that there are any better two people poised to answering that question than the character's from my upcoming book, "Rubberband Lazer".  May I present, Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy.

"Thanks, Nathan.  We are both excited to be here.  I know Casey has been trying to get a word in since you left us at the end of Episode 3." Jaq says.

"Mighty interesting cliffhanger, I might add."  Casey tips his cowboy hat in Nathan's direction.  "Who else could get so much drama from drinking a single glass of punch?  Now, a punch of glass?  That would be more exciting!"

"Casey, I believe we are here to talk about people who come off as self-righteous and how to best handle the situation."  Jaq intercedes.

"Absolutely correct, my astute cadet.  I was merely reflecting on the glass.  Anyway, Nathan, I believe the best way to address this situation is to get to the root cause of self-righteousness.  You see... people breathe air--"

"I'm not sure how air has anything to do with it, Casey."

"Bear with me my young deputy, so mind your manners, else he'll be let loose.  As I was saying, people breathe air.  Now when people hold their breath the air gets nice and toasty inside.  The thing of it is, that if you hold your breath for too long your lungs may explode.  So in order to avoid unnecessary explosions, people release the pent up -- now hot -- air.  Hot air has the tendencies of carrying words and sometimes entire sentences out of the throat without the person's knowledge.  Hot air can be really tricky.  The sentences tend to be ones that involve boasting, arguments, bad words, know-it-alls and of course self-righteous phrases."

"This has got to be the worst explanation ever."

"Not so, Jaq!  Ever hear the phrase, 'Boy, that salesman down the street is just full of hot air?' Same principle.  The problem with hot air, is that if you are near someone who is exhaling it, you too could inhale it and be victimized by it as well.  That's how arguments start, Miss Synergy.  Just two people blowing hot air at each other's faces.  It's a downright shame.  Some people don't even realize the potential dangers."

"Okay... so how do you explain those people who are self-righteous all the time?  I hear Nathan's friend had a run in with someone who was a little overzealous in their religion.  How does that play in?"

"Miss Synergy, have you ever seen a balloon?"


"And do you know that most balloons are hot air balloons?"

"Some of them, yes."

"Religion is a funny thing.  People have religion for many reasons, one of which is acquiring that feeling of being uplifted.  Well, in order to get that "uplifted" feeling you have to be filled with hot air.  So people who are especially religious tend to have a lot of hot air inside them, and that is what causes them to be uplifted - which tends to translate into being self-righteous.  Remember what I said about exploding?  Too much hot air can rupture the lungs and cause considerable damage.  Didn't I read something about some religious affiliations fearing the coming Rupture?"

"That's the Rapture, Casey."

"Sounds close enough.  Like I was saying, religious individuals have to release hot air more frequently than non-religious individuals.  That is probably why some aren't as tolerable than others.  But you have to keep in mind that they are people just like you and me, and if they are grumpy or otherwise "rude" then the best remedy is to have them take a couple of cool breathes and they should be fine in no time."

"Not quite the explanation that I was thinking of, but there you have it, I guess... I'm feeling a bit light headed so I think I am going to go lay down."

"Just breathe my young cadet! Light-headedness comes from a lack of hot air!  Breathe! Just Breathe."


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  More words of wisdom from Casey Norider and Jaq Synergy later on.




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